Saturday, 5 November 2011

Potion 9: salam Aidiladha


ehem..PERGHHHHHHH dah lame gler x update blog...kekekekeke sok raya, so, for this site..just wanna share pe yg kitorang 5 beradik dah transform umah kitorg ni msa raya puasa lepas (GIRLS POWER) hehehehe..

cat umah ngan kaler biru...(sblum ni kaler pe ek?xingat ==") erm...kalu nak amek gmbar passport free leh je amek kat cni ^^"

de tambahan 'family baru'....nasib bek kaler biru...

ingat ktorg xleh karang bunga??memang xleh mak yg buat!! baru r ktorg yg wat...kekekeke ku pilih bunga, adik ku yg susun lam pasu

leh lak time mlm2 raya ari tu lampu raya lama rosak kan...terpaksa la ku and kakak ku gi carik lampu raya kat mall..jumpa la lampu raya ni..kekekeke cantik kan?well....xsempat nak pasang paku ke apa...kitorg pkai selotap je ==" erm...boleh la kot...bukanny nampak pun..

ni hasil karya diriku...muahahahaha

bukan sengaja nk lilit2 kat lebihan...xtau nk wat pe...==" kreatif gak hamba ni..

ni lak hasil kreatif mak ku..kan raya ri tu kongsi ngan merdeka...lampu raya, jalur gemilang, bubu...bubu?boleh la....

kuih responsbility dorg lain xreti nak potong kek2 tu!

Untuk raya Aidiladha ni xde dah nk transform2 umah...tugasku hanyalah memasak dan kemas lik dapur! malam raya adik ku masak kuah kacang..sok pagi2 lak kene masak ayam masak kicap, kari kambing (well...bapakku kan tokey kambeng....), sayur rebung masak lemak and kerabu ulam-ulaman...(ku nyer keje juz wat kerabu je ^^) xsabar nak dengar takbir raya lagi esok pagi...salam Aidiladha buat semua~

Friday, 1 July 2011

Potion 8 : vampire stuff


still in vampire mood..coz still in blood section..kekekeke (my favourite section...1 week left...uhuk)...

not going to tell about the section for this entry..maybe soon..

for this entry, i would like to share somethig..something that i've just figured out in this week (ngah boring2 tunggu doctor xsampai2 mintak darah..huhuhu) which are things / gadgets / stuff that i would like to have soon...maybe...hurm...

1. Ipad

2. Iphone @ lollipop?? (hurmm...still thinking...)

3. Ipod
* sorry...i just love gadgets...huk...*

4. Suzuki Swift (reddish would be great!!!)

5. basketball court (no lah...just the hoop...right next to my house ^^)

6. a basketball signed by Yao Ming (he's HOT!!!and he's married............==")

7. mushroom house

8. green house

9. corn farm

10. watermelon farm
* interested after watching a show '2 days 1 night' >_<*

that's the first ten things i wish to have in future..have to work hard to get them >.<

Friday, 24 June 2011

Potion 7 : mixed emotions

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera ^^

mixed emotions (bukan lagu rolling stones k)..hehe time really pass by so a blink of an eye, yesterday was the last day for me in hema lab..really dont wanna leave that lab actlly..i'm glad that soon i'll finish this attchment but in the same time i rlly hope that i dont have to leave anything that i love here..i'll be really missing Hb analysis room kekeke..i really love that test u know..i'll also be missing leishman' stain machine..dont know why..i always think that machine is brilliant-man-made..hehe @___@

for the last day at that lab, i was randomly candidly taking pictures of the staff and also other students that i've spent time with (uitm namja + unimas yoja)..will be missing the moments that we had together..espcially the staff that always willingly guiding us and teaching us all the stuff that we have to know..(i think i will really missing my sifu/ sensei..hahaha)

lots of thanx to Lim sir (sensei)..hehe sir Lim for his patience in refreshing my 'bright' brain..and also for adding the important facts that i've never heard of..'thanx' also for always change the position of my name tag! (FYI sir, ysterday, for the last time i've change the position of your name tag :P) will be missing u a lot LIM SIR!!

thanx also to Kak Zura for teaching us about gel electrophoresis, sir Eby for taking me to bone marrow aspiration (sampai pucat2 muka), Kak Ayu senior for your briefing and for the caring, Kak Ayu junior for guiding me pipetting in OFT, Kak Ahria for coagulation test, Mr Eugene, Sir Hussin (wonder why i always afraid of him), Sir Hashim, Sir Nizam, Kak Fauziah, Kak Ratna for taking my blood, Mdm Jong, Mr Sya, Kak Zahrena and Kak Synthia (ada yg ttinggal ka?)..oh yah..sorg g..sir Fairuz..huhu already missing u guys..T_______________T

unnie dongsaengiee

wif my sensei

wif Kak Ayu gorgeous

Kak Ahria the sweetest person

Kak Zura

sir Nizam (who always call me Nur ==")

Sir Hussin huhuhu

us~ station..blood bank..hwaiting qusya!!!

Friday, 17 June 2011

Potion 6 : POTIONssss~

miss me bebeh?guess not..kekeke~its been 3 weeks since my last update rite?hurm..gotta have lots of things i need to update.that is why my entry for this time called 'potions'..gotta lots of potions need to add..lots of SOP and log book need to update (my brain also needs to upgrade)..and also having really bad fever had stop me from doing anything that i wish to ( i hate fever so much!)..and i'm not blaming those who cannot understand my situation here coz they are not in my shoes..hopefully time fly fast and i can meet my deariesss at shah alam..kekeke really miss all of them~

for 3 weeks i've been attached in biochemistry lab..the lab divides into 3 section..serum analysis (R5), endocrine and drugs..and of course this lab has many science officer..3 SO only for R5 (why so many meh?)..and i always feel comfortable around Mr.Ting, one of the SO..we have same feelings about the R5 environment..kekeke (Mr.Ting had complained about the staff to me..which is weird..supposed to be i'm the one that should complained ) i'm in hematology session and i can see the diffrences between the biochemistry 'environment' and hematology 'environment' ( huge diffrences) as a student in biochem lab can feel the coldness and awkwardness ( unfriendly environment) where most of them will not entertain u at all! (jgn harapla)..not just me as a student..the doctors also..if they have choices, they will choose other options to get their patients results..that is why, most of them like to send attendant hospital..but that is the selfish action..the atndant will get stuck in the middle..they've been asked by the doctor to get the validated results ( print out ), they go to the lab to asked for the results, the staff refused to print out the results bcoz they think thats unnecessary ( with unfriendly tone of voice ), and lastly being scolded by the doctor for not getting the results!how i wish i'm not in that kind of situation when i'm in the field soon (coz i've got lots of doc-wannabe-friends )..i have been attached for 2 labs now and i can see that the relationship between the lab technicians and the docs were not so good ( although they need each other )...hurm..enough with biochem session..which was not giving me good memories ( just standing beside the 'busy tedhnician' like a statue )!

its gawai..and its public holiday (Sarawak only..kekeke)..but why am i having a fever??!i'm wasting my holiday..uhuk..i hate having that fever..because i got 'til 39 degrees and i looked like a BEAST..totally beast..not that korean idol group! now i have to remember that human body alwayzzz have their limits..for having rlly hard stuff for 13 hours a day without feeding the stomach..and exposed myself with stuffs that can stimulate any kind of infections to my body..REALLY can get you down! (ding!!) so, now i've prepared myself a lunchbox ^^ thanx to that fever! >_<

its my favorite session------hematology laboratory!!yearghh!!loves to play with blood ^^ er not the BLOOD guys..what i mean is the tests that done in that what Mr Ting has said before, the staff at hemato lab are great! really..really different if compared with 'that lab'..i feel more great with my new friends attached there on the same time with me ( wuchun, M, joseph, rachel and tiffany)..we really had great time together with the friendly staffs ( kak Ayu 'senior', kak Ayu 'junior', kak Zura, sir Lim @ Lim sir ^^, sir Eugene, kak Ahria, kak Zura, sir Adrus, sir Fairuz, sir Hashim, kak Ratna, sir Hussin, Mdm Jong, kak Fauziah and kak Zahrena )...the lab divides into sections : microscopy, benchwork, analyser, Hb anlysis, bone marrow, staining, coagulation..lots of interesting tests that i've been 'lost contact' for 3 years..and lots of things that i have to refresh..Lim sir had give a huge help for me to refresh everything..(thanx for the notes sir ^^)..for this 2 weeks i've been done lots of tests and insya Allah i can remember everything..kekeke ( FBC, DC, PBF, blood smear, PT PTT, Factor VII & IX, FDP test, Hb chromatography, supravital stain, leishman stain, perl's stain, MGG stain, G6PD test, CSF cytospin, CD4 CD8 test...thats all is it?) so my goal for next week (final week) is to observe the slide (blood smear) normal and abnormal ^^ himneseyo~~

besides wuchun, emily and joseph that i've been known for almost 2 months, now ive got another 2 friends that really loves korean..rachel-ah!!tiffany-shi!!kekekeke~they always communicate with each other in korean-mix-english..and i've been always 'curik dgr' their conversation without them knowing that i can understand the whole thing that they've been talking..kekekeke mian chingu-ah =p really great for knowing you guys..talking about stuff that others can't understand..kekeke~really miss both of u soon~

hahaha no la...i only lost my phone..kekeke really really come boleh hilang meh??what i can remember is before i lost it i was observing a slide with microscope..and then other students also want to observe that, i give them the chance by standing away from them..and i took out my phone to look at the time..then puff!! i can't remember anything after that..where did i put my phone after i look at the time??aaaahhh!!!chinca babo!!!haisshhh...i learnt my lesson i have no phone..hurm...i'll be missing u LG.....

So..thats all potions for today..hurm..for now i feel like i can breath again..oppss..need to update my stuffs again..haiyah...september...come to mama~~~~~

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Potion 5 : Panjang & Pendek

leh rest jap x?penat ar asyik cter psl lab..huhuhu kali ni nk kongsi psl satu pkra lak..cter bmula ms ku balik dari shah alam ri tu..first msuk umah ku dah rasa lain..nape umah ni de kucing??bukan kt luar..tapi DALAM umah!!dua ekor lak tu!!!btol ke ni umah ku?(lebih kurang cam tu la prasaan ku ms tu)

rupa2ny, kucing tu hadiah dari kawan bapak..beliau dah byk sgt kucing kat, beliau bagi 2 ekor adik bradik kat kitorg..hurm..mmg ajaib umah ni dari dulu g tak pernah mengalu-alukan kedatgn kucing..kekekeke~

erm..actly aku sorg yg sgt takutkan kucing..xleh tgk bnd yg berbulu..jadi, minggu pertama kt umah sendiri mmg sgt menyeksakan..tiap2 hari akan terdengar jeritan batinku kt umah tu..bukan stakat jeritan batin..suara jantan pun dah kuar gak..

yang paling ku xtahan bila dorg tido skali ngn mak!!warghh!!tempatku dah dirampas!!!apakah????hurm...nsib baik skang ni korg dah bjaya lembutkan hati aku..hehehe ku pun dah leh main2 ngn dorg de batas gak ble kene marah ngn bapak..ku de asma, so pandai2 sendiri la..(sp swoh bawak lik dorg :p)..jd, lpas main ngn dorg mmg de habuanny..ku akn bersin xhenti2..adoi..nk wat cmner..

ms first2 dulu, mcm2 nama adik2ku bagi..harry, merlin..last2 nama Panjang and Pendek yg bkekalan..hehe tu gelaran ikut kepanjangan ekor dorg..
Pendek berwajah bengis macam kalu dah kene marah ngn bapak, die leh wat muka nak nangis..pandai..die pun sgt tu asik tido jer..
Panjang lak leh wat mke comel..ngn mata die yg bulat tu leh wat org lain cair..die satu2ny kucing yg sagt btuah sb de katil sendiri!die amek katil atas (double decker) dlm bilik kitorg...sgt btuah!

Si Panjang

Style tidur yg sma

kucing bertuah..

hurm...hope korg dorg sentiasa sihat walafiat (wlpun ske sgt main ngn scorpion ==")

Potion 4 : Strongyloides stercoralis

update yang lmbat..huhuhu prasaan yang sgt malas uk on9 mbuatkan ku xleh nk update blog ni minggu lepas..(erm actly ngah bz meng'update' log book yg xpenah disentuh..kekekeke~shhhhh~)

bg sp2 yg penah study parasite, mesti penah dgr nama yg kt atas tu kan..ngeee tu nama slh satu cacing yg leh serang mucosa small intestine manusia..(kte la tu..)

pe kaitan cacing tu ngn blog kali ni?hehehe nk cter la ni..mgu ke-3 intern, ku kt parasite lab..sample mmg sgt tak, sgt la bosan..ngah bosan2 tu, leh tgerak hati nk wat concentration (formaline-ether) kat slh satu stool patient request kt form just mintak test uk occult blood disbkan bosan yg teramat sgt, ku sje2 nk wat concentration tu..firstly sblum wat concentration, kne wat direct smear dulu..guna normal saline and iodine..(normal saline uk tgk motility cacing and iodine uk tgk morfologi)..dah wat direct smear, observe kat microscope..tgk kat smear normal saline dulu..carik punya carik..tbe2 nampak de bnd yg bgerak2!!!sgt geli!!!!trus panggil slh sorang staff kat situ uk confirmkan pe yg ku tgk td..and THAT'S IT!!sah memang confirm cacing!!(memang r..sah2 bnd tu meliuk lintuk...) and kitorg observe lak kat smear iodine uk sahkan cacing tu adalah Strongyloides sp..staff td pun trus contact doctor yg bkenaan uk report psl kes tu..hehehe nampak gaya ku dah bjya slamatkan sorg patient..muahahahaha!!!perasaan ms tu mmg xleh nak digambarkan..wlpun ku bukan sorg doctor, tp ku leh gak berbakti!ngeeeee~bngga skejap r..sempat gak amek gmbr cacing tu mll microscope..

byk yang ku 2 gmbr tu la antara ny..hurm..mmg kesian..hope patient tu leh smbuh..amin..

xbyk ms yg ku leh spent kt parasite lab..juz 3 hari..3 hari lg kt serology lab..virology?mmg xsmpat mgu dpanny, dah kene msuk biochem..hurm..jupe lgi mke2 baru..waaaaaa!!!!!tp, so far alhamdulillah..sume staff baik2 belaka..hrp sume bjalan dgn lancar...

p/s : ucapan Selamat Pengantin Baru uk my dear friend Sofinaz!!!!!!hurm...xleh attend wedding bliau..ku kirimkan doa dari jauh yek dear...berbahagialah dirimu di samping suamimu yg tercinta~

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Potion 3 : Selamat Hari Ibu

ahernya..weekend kembali..dan isnin adalah hari yang paling ku benci >< uhuk..skang dah fhm prasaan org yg dah bkerja..sgt mnantikan weekend tiba..lagu Monday by Jay2 and Ian mmg sesuai uk ku..uhuk..(they're dork!)

hurm..the second week ni finally..ku jupe gak kwn baru >< (they're nice people) richard and vivian from UKM..dorg amek degree in dorg just lingering around the microb lab only..huk..bestny..

first week dorg sm ngn aku dlm media preparation section (spttny aku dimasukkn ke dlm section ni tlebih dhulu sblum dimana section ni lebih kurag cam kilang gak r..kilang pengeluaran media =) memasak, sterile, pouring, bungkus..yang penting ktorg kene pastikan stock media sntiasa mcukupi uk staff2 bactic..penat gak..penat sb duduk je and termenung..(keje sikit..huk..) thanx a lot to kak fowler sb byk ajar ktorg..

kt section media tu juz amek ms 3 hari is parasitology lab ( i hate parasite!) mmg xdinafikan kbencian ku thadap parasite sjak dari dlu slalu fail bab observe malaria dlm blood film!xsuka!xsuka!xsuka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!uhukk...tgal g 2 hari je nak abiskan kt parasite lab tu..hope ms blalu sgt pantas....

next week is the last week ku kt microbiology meh..hrp2 sume akn bjln lancar gak sm cam ms ku kat microb lab..amin..

di ksempatan ini..ku nak ucapkan Selamat Hari Ibu uk seluruh ibu2 di dunia!!!tanpa anda tiadalah baru je siap wat puding kastard uk clebrate hari ibu sok..and sok lak nak masak spageti~~huhuhu Mak!!!SYGG KITAKK!!!!

p/s~woooooo sok ahad...xske2 T________________T